Lunar Artists

3rd Seyed of the Coin

chiqita-picElectric Lady. Q.U.E.E.N. Shekinah. Shakti. An Old Souled, Inner Child. Animal-lover with an affinity for felines. A semi-sweet red wine personality, an undercover over-lover. I dig conscious company and solitude, silence and the divine melody.. My laugh is full-bodied even insidious at times. I have diverse musical tastes, it can be from any culture as long as it soothes, moves or grooves. Vegetarian who makes exceptions as an adventurous foodie. I spend my time prying the closed eye of the sleep machine…or compulsively over-edit. The weirdest of the weirdos. All purple everything. An unrepentant lush.

Leslie Marie Aguilar

leslie-textLeslie Marie Aguilar originally hails from the heartland of Texas. She has served as the Poetry Editor of Indiana Review and received her MFA from Indiana University. Her work has been supported by the National Society of Arts and Letters and the Fine Arts Work Center. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Bellingham Review, Callaloo, Ninth Letter, Rattle, Sonora Review, and Southern Indiana Review among others. She is the author of Mesquite Manual (New Delta Review, 2015). See her work at

Lauren Belmore


Lauren Belmore is a writer & performer, who currently resides in Dallas, TX.  Their written work focuses on both queer identity & the relationship between subjective reasoning within objective language.  Their work has been featured at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas Contemporary Theatre, Beefhaus, and Deep Vellum, among others, and curated REJECT FACTION for Deep Ellum Lit Hop at Drugstore Cowboy, as well as IN A LONELY PLACE: AN EVENING OF EXPRESSION at Home Dome.  Musically, their electronic work is featured in the musical stylings of Mother II, Sigh Twombly, and in their solo act, Jinzo.  They have opened for Derrick Brown, Amber Tamblyn, Jake Meginsky, & Bill Nace (of body/head with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon).  Their first noise-driven solo poetry performance, ESTRANGER IN AN ESTRANGED LAND, had it’s premiere at Cheer Up Charlie’s in Austin, TX, as part of THE MIND MINCING: AN EVENING

Black Doll

faith-textBlack Doll is a pseudonym of artist Faith Malimba. Faith studied photography at Pratt Institute and her artwork deals with identity, decolonization of the mind, and liminal spaces. Other Pop is a sound performance of obscured words blended across layers of patterning synth. Vocals are used to produce rhythms of sound guided through electronics forming deep melodic aural landscapes

Indy Changoo

indy-textMalika “Indy” Changoo is a seventeen-year-old senior who looks forward to attending Texas A&M Commerce. She intends to study psychiatry to aid in the lack of mental health resources available to undeserved communities. In 2012, she was diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. She takes pleasure in running over her siblings in her motorized wheelchair when they get out of line.

Sarita Changoo

sarita-textWhen Sarita Changoo writes she doesn’t think about who will see it. When she writes she is putting down things she can’t say, the things she wishes she could say, and the things she should not say. Writing is more than a pen, paper, and what you pull from your mind. It’s what you pull from your heart, from inside. Words in poems are more than just words. They are the truth. They are power in a world where power is valued more than love and kindness. When she writes, she writes herself.

Edyka Chilomé

edykaAmy Zapien has this to say of Edyka Chilome: She is a brown fire spitting dream making poet reina. She is always caught in between worlds, gathering spirits, and falling in love for the revolution. She holds a nurturing gaze over many art projects and loved ones, she is often talking. When taking breaks between lengthy conversations she muses over the underlining connections of our vast universe. 

Logen Cure

logen-cure-picLogen Cure is a poet and teacher. She is the author of three chapbooks: Still (Finishing Line Press 2015), Letters to Petrarch (Unicorn Press 2015), and In Keeping (Unicorn Press 2008). Still was selected Best Book by a Texas Author for 2015 by the Fort Worth Weekly. Her work also appears in Word Riot, Radar Poetry, IndieFeed: Performance Poetry, The Boiler, and elsewhere. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She lives in Grand Prairie with her wife. Learn more at her website.

Tamitha Curiel

tamitha-curiel Tamitha Curiel is an actor, writer and educator. She has performed most recently in “Palabra, The Written Word Spoken,” with Echo Theatre in Isabella Russell Ides’ “The Early Education of Conrad Eppler” and Sound Culture’s “She Bike Spoke Love.” She enjoys performing spoken word with her trumpet-playing husband in the avant-garde jazz band Swirve. She is the mom to three amazing adult children, Chaz, Caleb and Chloe. She is currently the IB Film Instructor at The Alcuin School .

The Endoras

endorasThe Endoras formed after members Nan & Faith took a facebook quiz to find out which witch they were. Faith also plays solo in another project called Black Doll. Nan plays in the band Little Beards. Together they are “The Endoras.” They are on a podcast called Secretly Timid, an irreverent podcast where members talk over each other and discuss current events.

Ofelia Faz-Garza

ofelia-textOfelia Faz-Garza is a mama, writer, and community advocate from Oak Cliff whose work crosses genres depending on her mood. She’s a member of the DFW Latino Writers and North Tejas Writers groups and was the recipient of the 2014 El Futuro Literario Award from the the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. Ofelia’s a Community Voice for the Dallas Morning News and her work has been published in the Voces de Oak Cliff chapbook, Women in Nature: An Anthology, and Outrage: a Protest Anthology For Injustice in a Post 9/11 World. She’s currently working on a children’s book based on the adventures of her three greñuditas (wild-haired daughters) and a collection of short stories set in Oak Cliff, Cuidad Acuña Coahuila MX, and Memphis, TN.

Francine Thirteen

francine-textFrancine Thirteen landed from Venus in Dallas, TX, where she began her earthly life. She is a proud Libra. Thirteen has been creating and singing since she can remember. She is heavily influenced by nature and by the magic of archetypes. Incorporating choreography, theater, and unique projections into her shows, Thirteen seeks to create transformative live performances. Her forthcoming debut album has been innovated in a style that she has coined ‘Ritual Pop’.

Tammy Melody Gomez

tammyCurrently based in Texas, Tammy Melody Gomez is a poet, multimedia performer, and playwright/director. As award-winning poet, she has performed throughout the U.S., and in Mexico and Nepal. Her poems and essays are featured in numerous collections, including Yellow Medicine Review and Women in Nature: An Anthology. Tammy is profiled in “Las Tejanas: 300 Years of History” from UT Press and is featured in “Voices from Texas”, a PBS documentary film about Latino poets in Texas.

Tammy has been publisher, radio producer and talk show host, events organizer, and activista. Her provocative performance artwork addresses social realities such as domestic violence, environmental racism, and the impact of mass incarceration on families of color.

Sound Culture, founded by Tammy Gomez and based in north Texas, is an intermedia production lab that emphasizes the spirit of community and collaboration among artists of various disciplines to enhance individual creative expression and social justice literacy through stage performance, interactive design, spoken word innovation, print publications, online and live event production, and neighborhood cultivation programs.

Tammy has lived in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado, completed an introductory Permaculture Design course, and trekked up to see Mt. Everest in Nepal in 1999–all of which have shown her ways of living conscientiously on the earth. She is an urban gardener who has not owned a car in eight years, and bicycles everywhere. She is Macondista, as well as a 2015-2018 Black Earth Institute Fellow.

A. Kendra Greene

kendra-textA. Kendra Greene is the Writer in Residence at the Dallas Museum of Art, where she collects oral histories of the institution and composes found poems, performance pieces, and artist’s books from visitor response text. She began her museum career adhering text to the wall, one vinyl letter at a time. At the University of Iowa, she was a Jacob K. Javits Fellow, earned degrees in Nonfiction and Book Arts, and designed costumes for the giant ground sloth Megalonyx jeffersoni. She was once the voice of a spunky, bespectacled, phonics-teaching dragon. Her new chapbook, The Stone Collector, is the latest installment in an ongoing project on Icelandic museums and the sorcery, sea monsters, and specimens that inspire them. Anomalous Press inaugurated the series last year with Anatomy of a Museum, or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Icelandic Phallological Museum But Were Afraid to Ask.

Erica Guajardo

erica-textErica is an artist born and raised Dallas. Her artwork is a physical, emotional, and inspirational statement of movement using texture and rhythm through illustrations. She journeys through her artistic temperament exploring the madness of bio-medicine. Opposite moods and energies are depicted using color and black and white. In late 2015, she began creating handbags which feature her contemporary illustrations. Her illustrated handbag collection is inspired from views of street art, interior design, and Pantones “color of the year.” Mediums in her illustration collection are chosen to push boundaries and create ambiguity. Each image is created to lead the viewer to think about the juxtaposition of movement and inspiration.

Alexandra Hernandez

alex-textAlex has been living in Dallas, TX for about 3 years, working as a stage manager for local theater companies, Programs coordinator/dancer/teacher at Anita N. Martinez Ballet Folklorico and in any spare time that she has working on her plays and poems.

Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi

hirsi-textFatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi writes in violet ink. In January 2016, she founded Dark Moon Poetry & Arts to spotlight the creative feminine energies of North Texas. She gives poetry to the community as an instructor and Outreach/Program Director for The Writer’s Garret. She can often be found on sidewalks using her typewriter to birth poems for strangers. She has been published in Entropy, Anthropology Now!, Bearing the Mask, and elsewhere. Her work has been featured by KERA, the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Observer, Writer’s Digest, and others. She loves cats, and includes this fact in her bios without shame or guilt.

Lisa Huffaker

lisa-textLisa Huffaker is a poet, musician, visual artist, and teacher, who channels her wide range of abilities into ambitious efforts with a focus on community and interaction.  Her latest project, White Rock Zine Machine, offers tiny handmade books by local writers and artists, sold in beautifully repurposed vending machines.  Lisa’s poems have appeared in such journals as Southwest Review, Poet Lore, Able Muse, Southern Humanities Review, and many more.  She won the Morton Marr Poetry Prize, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.  She teaches creative writing and zine making through the Writer’s Garret, and presents monthly creative writing adventures at the Nasher Sculpture Center.  Her Zine Camp at Oil and Cotton won a “Best of Dallas” award from the Dallas Observer.  Lisa is a classical singer by training, and sings with the Dallas Opera.  She is in love with her evil pet cactus, and has been a vegetarian ever since meeting a remarkably noble catfish. Partner zines October 29 and zine class November break.

Jazmon The Healer

jazmon-textJazmon The Healer is an artist whose goal is to promote healing throughout your mind body and soul with the vibrations of musical tones. Music is and has always been a safe haven for her spirit. As she journeys through this life on her path she seeks to invoke those same feelings of evolution, of which she has experienced, from her music to her listeners. She is also a part of The Zource Movement, a female artistic creatives curator collective. Please go check out them out @thezource on all social media.

Jenuine Poetess

jenuine-textJenuine Poetess is the founder of Waco Poets Society and ITWOW International—a writing circle project for womyn with chapters globally.  Her debut collection, BloodStories: a cycle of 28 poems was published by Yellow Chair Press, May 2016.  Jenuine holds space for creative expression because #courageiscontagious and there is #medicineinyourmetoo. She facilitates weekly therapeutic creative writing programs for youth at Klaras Center for Families in Waco, TX and the Texas Juvenile Justice Department correctional facility in Mart, TX.  Jenuine lives rooted in the fierce conviction that fostering the creative health of individuals & communities is a matter of justice. Find her online at and @JenuineArtworks.

Liz Jones

liz-jonesLiz Jones is a lover of words and quote collector, hoarder of books and poetry dabbler. She has recently returned from the Peace Corps and currently works with Reading Partners, a job that lets her read children’s books all day with awesome kids. Liz thinks the smell of books is magical, finds comfort in any room that has overflowing shelves, and likes searching for inscriptions inside used books. She also enjoys traveling, learning about other cultures, and food. Any food. All the food. She’s nervous but excited to be a part of Dark Moon’s celebration and looks forward to meeting and experiencing the words of an awesome collection of persons. She is a perennial soul lost in stars, coffee grounds, and bookshelves.

Lyndsay Knecht

meira-textLyndsay Knecht shares her poetry under the name meira (mih-ira), the Hebrew for Eleanor, her late grandmother’s name. It means “god is my light” which can read “my light is god:” a challenge to find and protect and not forget any given light. The designs letters and words make are what remains when all other systems of desire are taken apart. This is a tenet of Jewish mysticism; more so, it’s a reality for many who’ve felt despair and, in testifying to that, written joy. //// Lyndsay grew up in Dallas and was first a singer, then a dancer, then a writer, then a mother.

Lei Lei Lashawn 

lei-lei-texttCreative Director for yamiToday Productions/You Are My Inspiration Today Productions. Her mission statement is to create art for healing. She uses original electronic music and spoken word with live percussion and fine artto inspire a space for introspective travel and movement of the feet.  She has performed all over the U.S. She has learned from experience how important it is to communicate from your heart space, especially being a survivor of sexual abuse. Her art is directed toward supporting surviors of sexual and domestic trauma. She uses her art to reflect her truth and share her magic in these extreme times. The title “Love Warrior” was given to her and she tries every day to represent those words with every breath she takes. See her work at Portions of all merchandise sales are donated to the North Texas Food Bank, Genesis Women’s Shelter, and the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.

Morgan Lionheart

morgan-text2Morgan Lionheart is a neurodivergent, genderqueer, “non-denominational” Leftist, who practices ecofeminist witchcraft in their native ecosystem, the Blackland Prairie and Cross-Timbers Forest. When they are not reflecting on the world around them they are teaching elementary ecology at a nature preserve or grassroots organizing. Morgan has performed with the UNT’s Communications Department, Slam N Jam series, Fairmount Community Library, and Mueve.


machele-jMachele is a musician and poet from Dallas, TX. She plays ambient, abstract loops of recorded flute layered with poetic words and live sounds.

Machele has performed her poems and sounds at a few venues in the DFW area. She is currently collaborating with various artists to layer original sounds on top of electronic noise.

Playing music has taught Machele how to listen and the need to express beyond words alone. She wants to inspire self-exploration and expression with subtle sound manipulation.

courtney marie


courtney marie is a writer and artist currently living in Denton, Texas. She is the co-founder and organizer of an art & literary collective called Spiderweb Salon, co-hosts Pegasus Reading Series in Dallas, and birthed The Literary Podcast, a podcast about the creative lives of writers via Spiderweb Salon and Pariah Art. Her work has appeared both online and in print with the likes of publishers such as Disembodied Text, Literary Orphans, Spooky Girlfriend Press, Black Sun Lit, The Thing Itself, Crab Fat Magazine, etc. Her DIY chapbook entitled Bailey and Dora -a poetic gender-swapped retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray– has been read by at least three people. In February 2016 she performed in Brooklyn for Boog City, and in March spoke at AWP in L.A. on the intersection of music and literature at a panel called Noisy Lit. courtney is an advertising copywriter by day, and otherwise a typewriter enthusiast and cat lady. Visit on Twitter.

Princess McDowell

princess-textPrincess McDowell is a poet, writer and journalist from Dallas, Texas. A black queer lesbian boi with the girly name covered in pink. Princess prefers purple.

Trained as a journalist, Princess learned the power of storytelling, of keeping a record of our own lives before anyone else decides that it is worth selling or exploiting. She began writing her own journey in social commentary and poems draped in extended metaphor. She released her first album of poetry entitled Not A Storybook

She’s an active member of the national poetry community, competing and volunteering at Women of the World Poetry Slam, and co-facilitating the youth poetry organization Dallas Youth Poets. This year, she was selected as a Pink Door literary fellow.

She’s been able to tour the country with her poems while still publishing articles for Autostraddle, shades magazine, Black Girl Nerds and Rebellious Magazine for Women, a feminist magazine out of Chicago. She’s currently writing her first novel, a young adult science fiction story birthed from a picture she found on tumblr. Princess is a dapper book nerd introvert who uses multiple writing forms to process pain, trauma and legacy

Jess Garland Medlock

jess-textJess Garland Medlock is from Northeast Dallas and attended Eastfield College. While attending Eastfield, she studied classical guitar. With a growing interest in the art form, she partook in many voice and guitar ensembles. Jess graduated from SMU with a major in Political Science and loves teaching guitar in the afternoons. Always willing to take on new challenges, under the guide of master harpist, Mary LeBus, Jess learned to play the harp. Jess currently plays weddings, art galleries, and festivals with her guitar and harp. She also performs with her husband Wes Medlock in the band THEJESSANDWESSHOW.

Paula Mendoza

paula-flowersPaula Mendoza’s work is published or forthcoming at Bennington Review, Bat City Review, Parcel, Diagram, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, All Slither is available via Raw Paw Press. She earned her MFA at the University of Michigan, and is a PhD candidate at the University of Utah. She is very sad to be leaving Denton. You can find most of her work on tumblr.

Alana Mercury

alana-textAlana has a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Texas. She started spoken word in February 2015, competing in 2015 Nationals Poetry Slam in Oakland, California. She has performed across Texas with a mission of spreading the art of spoken word.

Rose Ann Meredith

rose-ann-meredithRose Ann Meredith is the mother of four sons, the grandmother of three grandsons and one granddaughter. A graduate of W. E. Boswell High School, in Saginaw and Tarrant County Junior College, she graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology.

Rose Ann is an 18 year veteran of Fort Worth’s poetry open mics and was score/timekeeper and coach for the Fort Worth Slam Team for 5 years. She has also performed her work at the Rose Marine Theater, Casa Manana, the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art and the Amphibian Theater. Rose Ann is a lifetime member of Fort Worth’s Zawadi Writers. Rose Ann’s poem Your Shoes was published in the Dallas Poetry Community’s Best of the Metroplex anthology.

Isabel Montemayor

isabeltextIsabel Montemayor is a poet, artist, advocate and scholar. Her poetry is a reflection of her personal journey as a first generation Latina betwixt and in-between borders. Her work is inspired by the current immigration debates and the positionality of those on the margins of society. Her work has been featured at the annual Latino Summit at the University of Texas at Austin and highlighted as opening guest poet for Central Michigan University’s Hispanic Heritage Month Speaker Series. She has also served as a student keynote speaker at Mid-Michigan’s largest Latina Women’s conference “Dia de la Mujer”. She holds a Ph.D in Medical Anthropology and in her spare time she is Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sociology at the University of Texas at Arlington. She once played an 80-year-old woman in the Vagina Monologues.

Misty Amber Moore

misty-textMultimedia artist Misty Amber Moore specializes in the creation of upcycled (the reuse of discarded items) works of art. This includes but is not limited to multimedia art pieces, haute couture clothing, and accessories. Promoting probiotics and DIY methods, Misty empowers those around her by teaching workshops and selling her homebrewed Kombucha, ferments, and baked goods. She also makes hand dipped incense, postcards, and bath-bombs. She has produced two spoken word albums and opened with performance poetry for Saul Williams and Erykah Badu.

She also specializes in body painting, fine art, graphic design, flyers/business cards, art curation, poetry, slam, and spoken word, and American Sign Language interpreting. Her work has been featured in Frisco Styles Magazine, The Dallas Observer, Texas Campaign for the Environment’s Trash Makeover, Kessler Theater, Black Forest Theater, Dallas Museum of Art, 500X Gallery, ArtLoveMagic, Mad Swirl Poetry, State Fair of Texas, Sankofas, In Accord, Raw Dallas, FENCON, ICON NY, Goldmine New Orleans, Club DADA, Absinthe Lounge, Soda Pop Gallery, Dallas Poetry Slam, New Orleans Poetry Slam, Texas Regional Poetry Slam, ACUI Poetry Slam, France Poetry Slam, Barcelona Poetry Slam, performance poetry in Spain, France, Ethiopia, England, DFW, NY, and New Orleans. Visit her website.

Malika Muhammad

mommy-textMalika Muhammed is a mother of five who is inspired by her children and the world around her. She enjoys reading and dancing. She is chef, comedian, actress, and seer to those who know her best.

Robin Myrick

robin-myrick-textRobin Myrick is a writer, visual artist, educator, and instigator currently based in Dallas, Texas. She is a contributing editor for Entropy magazine, and her writing has appeared in other fine places such as semigloss, [out of nothing], and the anthologies Any Way You Like ‘Em, Chronometry, and You’ve Probably Read This Before. She has also written about music, film, and food for newspapers and alt weeklies across the South. Myrick holds an MFA in Writing and Critical Studies from California Institute of the Arts, and is presently pursuing her doctorate in Aesthetic Studies at UT-Dallas. She was once in a band called Two Chicks In Front of a Payphone. Catch her reading her Election Poems series, currently appearing in Entropy Magazine, November 1 right here.

Karen Dove Parrish

karen-textKaren Dove Parrish is a recovering blocked artist rediscovering joy, freedom, and wonder through creation. Trained and working as an art historian and art educator- far removed from the rich, messy, complicated breeding ground of creative thought- I return with tentative but determined steps into the dense, moist, and dark forest. My work is my personal experience, my emotional being, my lingering visions made manifest- even if they were imagined they are now real. Through purposeful work with my hands I am healing my emotional and mental self. My practice works towards creating peaceful spaces for thoughtful contemplation, rest, and beauty. I have worked as an art educator in private art studios, galleries, museums, public and private schools. Recently trained as a Montessori Primary (3-6) Guide I work to facilitate capable and compassionate humans by engaging children with purposeful work.

Allison Emmaline Piercy

allison-piercyAllison is a 21-year-old senior at the University of Texas at Arlington. She majors in English with a Creative Writing minor and, in between mountains of required reading, helps students produce their best work at the university’s writing center. After graduation, she plans to pursue an MFA in Writing. Though her current efforts at school have a decidedly literary and academic slant, she has been writing creatively since the age of twelve. Her work has been published with the Moulin Review and earned accolades in the League for Innovation in the Community College Student Literary Competition. Stories and words are her long-time source of wonder, and she hopes to fashion this wonder into a life she can share with the community.

Reverie Powell

reverie-textReverie is a writer who relishes in ordinary moments that hold beauties often overlooked in and out through daily autopilot routines.  She also has several aliases and is currently in the witness protection program due to an assassination attempt on her in the 90’s, when her fame as a poet rose to rock-star heights. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, she can’t release her real name. Reverie’s dedication to art is her motivation for making her work public again despite the obvious danger. Reverie is known to read with the Bonehouse Poets each month at Wild Detectives and sometimes makes an appearance at City Tavern for Mad Swirl.

Gayle Reaves-King

gayle-textGayle Reaves-King is a poet and journalist who has been writing in one form or another since her 2nd-grade stories about horses. Her chapbook Spectral Analysis was published by the Dallas Poets Community in 2014. In 1994 she won a Pulitzer Prize in international reporting as part of a team at The Dallas Morning News. For three decades she covered stories all over the world for major daily papers, then became editor of the alternative Fort Worth Weekly, which had no travel budget to speak of but other advantages. Since leaving the Weekly she’s had recent stories in the Texas Observer and American Way magazines with another due in September in D Magazine. She’s part of the brain trust at the Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase in Dallas, lives in Fort Worth, teaches at UNT, and has been threatening for several years to finish her first nonfiction book.

Sacred Udders

reivin-textSacred Udders is a psychic medium artist playing as a cow goddess archetype who appears through a trans-dimensional portal after being abducted from a mysterious place. A mad scientist who researches the multiple-layers of mind-control in human society. Queer scholar who was trained at the weird Oberlin College as a ritual performer of African Diasporic mysticism.  A good listener and psychopomp who hopes to reveal wisdom and foster unconditional eternal loving relations between the Absolute Source and all living entities. Self-discovered shaman astrologer, lucid dreamer and serious occultist. Never bored, always reading and hearing the Vedic canon in a trance. Fervent chanter of mantras, prayers and poetry. A devotee of Krishna, aspiring bhakti yogini, and servant to all.

Opalina Salas

opalinatextOpalina Salas is a poet, former book store owner, editor of femme lit magazine Let It Bleed, and creator of the original Poets on X+ Reading Series, first held at Cliff Notes, the bookstore she owned with her husband-poet Carlos Salas. The series moved to Mighty Fine Arts when Cliff Notes closed, and now calls Lucky Dog Books in Oak Cliff TX their creative home. She has been an indie butterfly curator/hostess for many WordSpace events. Her work has appeared in a number of journals including Mad Swirl Blue Note 6, Death List Five, Gutter Eloquence, La Noria Journal, and is included in the Anthology of Texas Beat Poets, published by University of Texas Press. She has read all over Texas at festivals, galleries and nightclubs, is a regular contributor to Mad Swirl, has been featured at Pegasus Reading Series, Pandora’s Box, and was a featured reader at Dallas’ edition of Noir at The Bar. She was the co-host and a featured performer at The Texas Beat Poetry festival of 2012 in Edinburg TX, a featured performer at Forest Fest 2011, and a participant in the first annual New Orleans Poetry Fest of 2016. She is proud to be the emcee of The Mad Manor Performance Space at the 2016 Oak Cliff Speedbump Tour in late spring. Opalina has been performing and writing for over 25 years, and is an active participant in the development of her beloved community. Her proudest moment was the creation of Cliff Kids, her weekly story time based on community leaders as readers and local business providing books, healthy snacks and fresh air and cool grass to play in on Saturday mornings. Opalina met her husband, fellow poet and artist Carlos Salas at an open mic in Ft Worth TX, has been his comrade and partner for 20 years and lives with him in Oak Cliff with their visual artist dynamo daughter, Paloma, and two cats, Jack and Benny. Her only desire is to continue her pursuit of open mics state wide and to finally write that one perfect poem. Until then, she continues.

Sophia Terazawa

sophia-textSophia Terazawa is the author of I AM NOT A WAR, winner of the 2015 Essay Press Chapbook contest. As a Vietnamese-Japanese poet and performer working with ghosts, her work (text, film, music, dance, etc.) have been featured in places like The James Franco Review, Project As[I]Am, The Fem, HYSTERIA, Apogee Journal (Perigee), and elsewhere. Recently, Terazawa lived in Kolkata, India, for a year to research the history of transnational solidarity movements of Bengali people with the decolonization efforts of her mother’s people in Vietnam. Here, she was invited to perform at the opening ceremony of the 9th World Poetry Festival, where her poetry was also anthologized in print. Currently, she is a columnist for THE DECOLONIZER, where she writes about love and intimacy as radical healing practice.


thoele-textThoele is a Dallas based comic artist. She was raised the wrong gender in a small town in the DFW metroplex. Vexed and ready to leave, she gradually made her way to Dallas after completing an artist residency in Germany. Her work focuses on emotional themes of isolation, despair, loss, fragility and vulnerability. Her stories and poetry are often set in surrealistic contexts such as nonsense worlds with thousands of years of history, broken planes of metaphysical data struggling to articulate forms and patterns, or aboard magic trains with demonic passengers. Her future goals are to make animated children’s series that are emotionally complex and challenge social constructs such as gender.

Leah Tieger

leah-textLeah Tieger is a graduate of Bennington College, a fiction reader for The Boiler, cofounder and host of WordSpace’s Looped readings in Dallas, and a finalist for the 2016 Raynes Poetry Prize. Her work can be found in Rattle, Gravel, Menacing Hedge, and others.

Merritt Tierce

merrit-textMerritt Tierce was born and raised in Texas. She worked in various secretarial and retail positions until 2009, when she moved to Iowa City to attend the Iowa Writers’ Workshop as the Meta Rosenberg Fellow.

After graduating in 2011 with her MFA from Iowa, she received a Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award, and she is a 2013 National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 Author.

Merritt served as the Executive Director of the Texas Equal Access Fund, a Dallas-based nonprofit abortion fund, from 2011 until 2014. She volunteered and worked for the TEA Fund from its founding in 2004, and co-wrote the abortion play One in 3 with Gretchen Dyer and Victoria Loe Hicks. One in 3 played to sold-out houses for most of its three-week run and stimulated a local conversation about the reality of abortion in women’s lives.

Merritt’s first published story, Suck It, was selected by ZZ Packer to be anthologized in the 2008 edition of New Stories from the South, and her first book, Love Me Back, was published by Doubleday in 2014, to wide acclaim. Merritt lives near Dallas with her husband and children.

Tuumea of Iya Omodada

tuumea-textTuumea of Iya Omodada is a performing artist honoring the child within and the Sacred Mother from which all things and beings come. Iya Omodada is the creative vision of Tuumea de Oxum… co-creator is the baby warrior-13-year-old taller than the treetops niece, Ella Brown. “We won’t stop singing and dancing and playing til Mama Africa is free. And when She’s free, we all gon’ be free.”

Nadia Wolnisty

nadia-textNadia is a poet, memoirist, and creative non-fiction writer. Her work explores the space between poetry, prose, and where fiction meets non-fiction. As a survivor, her work often deals with the redemptive power of the imagination—how the stories we tell ourselves can be what saves us. Her work has appeared in several small-press journals, including one in Italy. She can be found performing at Mad Swirl, Bonehouse, and Poets on X+.